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Soft Revolution presents: La Luz

With Soft Revolution we already presented the adorable Quilt and today we switch the atmosphere a little bit, even if we stay in the US. La Luz (a name that means “the light” in Spanish), play an irresistible surf music with vintage echoes. Nowadays it is difficult to find such strong images in an album, and it is uncommon as well to find four ladies on a stage. We were really curious, so we reached them via email during their European tour (that will touch Italy in a few days), and we asked them a few short questions.

First of all we would like to know your names and what you do for the band. And also if you have different tasks like writing music, lyrics or if you do it all together.
Shana plays guitar and brings the initial songs to the group. Alice plays keyboard. Marian plays drums and Lena plays bass. We all sing and write our part.

It’s awesome to see a girl band, but how did it happen? Was it a decision or it just happened so? Moreover, in your influence we can recall a lot of surf, but also girl bands from the 60s. How did you find inspiration? Which bands did inspire you the most? And how important was to have female role models in these bands?
We were all lucky enough to be born girls and really enjoy making music together. I think it’s always inspiring to see women owning the stage. We find inspiration from performers of across the gender spectrum. A few favorites are Tina Turner, Bo Diddley, Link Wray, Erykah Badu, the Shangri-Las.

Once I was backstage with a band before a concert and I noticed that they were all on their own, doing stuff like reading books or so. I found it funny, so I asked about it and they explained me that, because they were on tour for a long time, it was important for them to create some intimacy spaces, even if they were in the same room. How do you live being on tour? Is it important for you to have your space and do things on your own or you experience it all together?
When you spend so much time together, it is important to be able to take some time to yourself. We do, however, enjoy spending time together, sharing meals, exploring new cities. When necessary, we each take our time to ourselves to read or write or just take a break.

You recorded your first EP in just one day in a trailer. Listening to your album the first thing that it is notable is that it recalls strong images: surf, sun, vintage echoes. How did you create such a strong image? Did you do something similar as when you recorded the EP?
We always keep things pretty casual when recording and playing live so hopefully that comes across. A lot of our songs are lyrically pretty dark but we keep it fun. A lot of modern music suffers from overproduction so that something we intentionally avoid. Life is short, we’d rather party and travel than spend a year making a record.


Italian dates:
14.04.2014 Savona
15.04.2014 Milano


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